The support for this campaign has been beyond my wildest dreams – thank you so much!

Unfortunately no further badges can be requested at this time. There is a significant delay with some people having to wait months to receive their badges, and that doesn’t feel right at all. Rather than continue to allow new badges to be requested, I am having to stop the request form and concentrate on fulfilling the requests that have been waiting so patiently. Without any kind of funding I rely solely on the kind donations from the GoFundMe page, purchases of the Kindness PDF and those who will pay for a badge. Currently these contributions are not happening, and so there are no funds unless I can find it from my own resources. I will get a badge out to every person who has requested one, and then make a decision on whether to close the campaign or to carry on. Thank you!

If you or your organisation would like to donate, I would really appreciate it – it helps me get the badges to everyone faster!

Should you wish to purchase a badge now for £1, then you can do so here

Thank you!!

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